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What is Terra-Shops?

ter·ra = earth, planet

A Mindful Community

TerraShops brings together independent eco-sellers and like-minded buyers, to share their passion and love for sustainability and eco-friendly products. Join our community of people from all over the world, who shop and live mindfully, knowing that we can make a difference with every decision and with every purchase.

Taking Care of Mama Earth

All the products in TerraShops are made following sustainable values, respecting people, animals, and the planet – from raw materials to packaging. When deciding what to buy, we have an obligation to consider how it’s made and the impact of that process.

Making a Real Change

Together with our community we raise global awareness about the importance of eco-friendly living and inspire people to take action towards ethical consumerism and leading a healthier life. Imagine a world where everything people buy and use is earth-friendly!
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