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New Chances for Growth, Taught by COVID-19 House Quarantine

One of the many virtues of mankind is the ability to adjust. The current new reality, caused by the fight against COVID-19, forces many organizations and companies to update their daily routine: Zoom conferences replacing regular office meetings in high-tech companies, yoga groups practicing in Zoom, restaurants operate on a delivery basis only, and the list goes on. Many organizations have the privilege of adjusting to the new reality and some don’t. Most of the airline companies, for example, are based on tourism and business travel, so the current reality is forcing a major reduction in services.

For some businesses, the adjustments expedited changes destined to come this way or another. Academic institutes, for example, have been talking about transforming lectures to webinars for many years. The house isolation forced academia to quickly adjust to the new reality and continue with their curriculum through the web. This situation isn’t ideal for students nor professors, but some advantages in this method are very likely to be found.

Another example is business companies. There are dozens of companies sending their workers to meetings and conferences, some are a taxi away, and some require plain and hotel arrangements. The new situation forces these meetings to take place in the living room of the participants and save travel expenses. Business travel requires flight tickets, restaurants, hotels, car rentals and so on. It is estimated that companies spend approximately 2600 dollars each travel for every employee, and globally 1.6 trillion dollars a year on business travel (trillion= 1000 billion). An insane amount. Obviously, many times business travel has value, but is it valuable every time? Because if not, then staying in the living room is a much better financial decision.

In addition, meeting in video communication platforms, allow more people the privilege of working from home. For employees, occasionally working from home allows spending more time with their family, a fact that will make them happier. And of course, with happy employees, businesses are more productive. Many companies understand the benefits of it and are already offering their employees to work from home for a day or two a week.

But, the biggest winner of this whole concept is the environment. Transportation is responsible for approximately 30% of CO2 emissions, which makes it one of the leading industries in global pollution. Reducing the human need to travel by road or air, will significantly reduce toxic emissions.
Companies that will be wise to apply the advantages found in the COVID-19 adjustments, might save a lot of money, increase the joy of their employees and also help in saving our planet. 

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