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The Largest Ocean Clean Up in History

At the beginning of the 2010s, a Dutch kid named Boyan Slat noticed that there is more plastic trash than wildlife in the area where he was scuba diving. In 2013, when he’s only 18, he established ‘The ocean Cleanup’, an initiative destined to clean our oceans from plastic pollution.

In order for this to happen, he started a development process of a machine that will float on water and automatically collect plastic. At first, ‘The Ocean Cleanup’ received an investment of 20 Million dollars for their device to come to life. But after a few attempts, the project didn’t achieve the much-wanted results.

In recent years, the efforts are starting to pay off in the shape of 2 separate projects:

An ocean cleaning device, that creates an artificial coastline and using the momentum of ocean currents to collect the plastic.

The second device is directed towards cleaning our rivers. In order to clean the rivers, the initiative developed a vessel, that floats on water and with the help of buoys and a conveyor belt, collects the plastic. According to researches, 1000 rivers in the world, are responsible for 80% of riverine plastic pollution. Therefore, a fleet of these vessels can have a major impact.

In the present day, The Ocean Cleanup is deploying multiple vessels, starting from the most polluted areas. The goal is to clean 90% of the oceanic plastic waste until 2040.

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