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Solar Energy - Harnessing the Sun’s Blessing

Solar energy is the energy that the sun radiates on earth. The sun radiates on earth enough energy in an hour, to power the entire world for a year (If we could capture it all obviously).

In order to take advantage of this energy for electricity production, one must use special installments called solar cells or more professionally- Photovoltaic cells- PV.

A solar cell is built from multiple layers, while the most important one is the semiconductor layers made out of Silicon. This silicon isn’t the same flexible material used to make pipes or to make female breasts bigger, it’s an element from the periodic table which looks and behaves differently. The world has plenty of it, mostly in regular sand. Sunbeams that hit the Silicon layer, triggers an effect in which Electrons leave their atom. A flux of many electrons together is the phenomenon we call electric current, and it’s the one responsible for powering up our devices. In a PV setup, this phenomenon is used to create electricity from the sun.

In most parts of the world, Solar energy production is cheaper than energy based on fossil fuels, therefore it’s highly important to the effort of reducing the energy industry’s carbon footprint. Prices can go as low as 0.03 dollars per Kilowatt-hour (KWh- is a unit of measure for energy) while using the PV technology, compared to 0.05 dollars per KWh with fossil fuel-based energy production.

Deployment of large Photovoltaic infrastructures is getting more and more popular all over the world and reducing the need for polluting power plants. Solar energy entrepreneurs are also trying to take advantage of empty industrial spaces like roofs, parking lots, and more, in order to make better use of land space. In addition, the installment of small solar arrays on private roofs is also gaining traction. A number of solar cells on a private residential roof, can lower the houses' energy bill to zero and even make extra money.

Obviously, the one who took it one step further is none other the Elon Musk with the ‘Solar Roof’ by Tesla. The Solar Roof is meant to replace the regular roof tiles in special tiles, that have PV abilities. This way, a household will be able to produce electricity from its roof, while not compromising on aesthetics. The Solar Roof isn’t highly popular yet because of high costs, but with Tesla’s reputation and innovation abilities, it’s a temporary situation.

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