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Welcome to TerraShops

Global eco marketplace, uniting the largest community of sellers and buyers of sustainable and ethical products from all over the world.

Our Vision

Making sustainable products the first choice for people all over the world.

Our Mission

To unite the largest community of earth-conscious sellers and buyers worldwide.

Core Values

Our core values drive the culture of TerraShops. It is the DNA that lies at the heart of our operations. Terrashops’ platform and services reflect our company's culture, and in essence, define TerraShops’ movement for change.


Make a Real Difference in the World

With our strong and ambitious community of sellers and eco-experts, we inspire people globally to be mindful of their everyday actions and decisions.
The success of TerraShops will increase the growing demand for ethical products, thereby inspiring more businesses to implement sustainable practices into their core values and operations.


Creating Environment for Success

Our vision is making other people’s visions come true – by providing environmental leaders with the best sustainable platform in the world, we empower them to grow and thrive. Shining a spotlight on sustainable businesses - further empowers all of those who are involved in creating their products (farmers, workers, artists, inventors, etc).


A Million Voices Speak Louder than One

Uniting individuals and ethical brands is our philosophy – different people, cultures, ideas, and beliefs brought together over the same sacred mission – taking care of ourselves and our dear and only planet. As we don’t have a spare one to enjoy. We live and operate according to the laws of abundance, which guides all our business decisions.

Ethical Principles

Respect for People, Animals, Environment

Ethical Principles guide our decision making - we are driven by great respect for Mother Earth and her inhabitants.
We constantly insist on the highest standards, authenticity, and transparency in every aspect of our operations - from the sellers we support to the promotion of their products and the knowledge we share on social media.


Do More with Less

Pushing the edges of creativity. Collaborating with like-minded individuals, businesses, and visionary eco-experts in order to discover new ideas and make sustainability accessible, simple, and attractive to people worldwide.
It’s about dreaming big and bringing your visions to life.


The Spirit to Shape a Better Future

Thinking big and different is our team's style. As we lead and connect with others towards a massive global change, we are committed to the highest standards, every step of the way. We strongly believe in ourselves and our community to fulfill our visions of creating a better future for all.


"We believe it's time to take a bigger step towards inspiring the world to use more sustainable products."

Terra Team

TerraShops came into life, out of the vision of our team leaders and employees, who all have a strong sense of purpose and drive to make this world a better place for all of us.


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Financial Officer


Chief Operations Officer


Leadership Development


Project Manager


Operations Manager


Strategic Management


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Content Creator


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