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Copy of About Us

Copy of About Us

Making sustainable products the first choice for people all over the world.

To unite the largest community of earth-conscious sellers and buyers worldwide.

TerraShops, is a global eco marketplace, uniting the largest
community of sellers and buyers of sustainable and ethical
products from all over the world. 

We believe in the power of people uniting together to spread
the power of sustainability and the importance of going
green worldwide! 

Our vision goes beyond simply connecting ecological
vendors with like-minded buyers.

It’s about having a massive positive impact on our community,
our environment, and the global economy.

Together we can ensure that sustainable & eco-friendly
products will be the first choice for people worldwide and
the next generations to come. 

Imagine a world where all we make and use is
sustainable products.

It's time to reduce the waste we create.

It’s time to shift towards ethical consumerism.

It’s time to take care of our communities, animals and planet.

It’s time to unite together to inspire change.


It’s time for TerraShops.


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