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Copy of Abusive Buyer Policy Font Testing

Copy of Abusive Buyer Policy Font Testing

We are promoters of equality and whatever is just and fair. Our aim is to maintain a cordial and sustainable environment for all our users and members. In this policy, we inform buyers about how we expect them to behave when using TerraShops.

If a buyer does not meet these expectations, sellers are encouraged to report abusive behavior. 

As a buyer on TerraShops, if we discover that you have violated this policy, we may subject you to appropriate actions such as sending you a serious warning, blocking you from asking for returns or refunds on TerraShops, blocking you from opening claims, and suspending your account. 

Please be aware that when we review a report of a member violation of any of our policies, we take the surrounding circumstances, including the members' history into consideration. Our decisions are based on the evidence peculiar to each individual situation, as well as the evaluation of behavioral patterns that create a negative value in the marketplace. We may not take action if we aren't sure about something. We also do not discuss the results of our investigations due to our regard and respect for TerraShops members' privacy. 

Things We Don't Like

- Don't ask for something not offered in the original listing 

- Don't make false claims 

- Don't misuse returns 

- Don't misuse the TerraShops messaging system 

When buying on TerraShops, we expect you to also follow the rules listed below: 

- Ensure that your communications with sellers by email and TerraShops Messages comply with our policies. 

- Customs declarations: we strictly prohibit asking a seller to falsely declare an item as a gift on a customs form as acting otherwise amounts to encouraging illegal activity. 

- Unwelcome and malicious buying: We prohibit the buying of products when you do not have the intention of completing the transaction and when you intend to circumvent a seller's buyer requirements as this amounts to unwelcome and malicious buying. 

- Contact information: We expect all TerraShops members to keep their account details up to date. Should we discover that a member has false or missing contact information, we will take action.


We seriously prohibit extortion as outlined in our Buyer Policy and Seller Policy

Examples of actions that amount to extortion includes: 

- A buyer leaving a negative review in an attempt to force the seller into providing extra products/items that were not agreed upon in the original transaction. 

- A buyer leaving a negative review in order to force the seller into providing a refund when a refund is not warranted. 

- A seller offering to a buyer additional goods, services, or compensation in exchange for a positive review.

Please be aware that we may not be able to consider any communication or transactions that occur outside of TerraShops. 

To ensure you are protected, always use TerraShops Messages tool and conduct all transactions via our checkout system. 

Why this policy?

We have made this policy available to you to make sure that TerraShops is a safe place to sell your goods and services. To achieve this, we have to ensure that all our members (especially buyers) follow some laid down standards and rules which are contained in this policy and in all our rules. When buyers fail to follow these rules, we take appropriate action to protect our sellers. 

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