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Electronic Communications Policy

Electronic Communications Policy

We are committed at TerraShops to provide you with the best and most transparent service. We are under obligation to provide you with some specific written information. Therefore, this policy provides a detailed explanation on how we get that information to you.

This policy together with our Terms of Use and other policies form an agreement between you and us. You agree that by using any of TerraShops services, you are bound by the provisions of this policy and our Terms of Use.

Information TerraShops Will Send You

From time to time, we will need to send you some very important messages concerning the use of our platform (our website and other services). This policy provides information on all those messages which includes our terms, user agreements, policies, billing statements, privacy disclosures and other

important legal documents (collectively, referred to as “Electronic Communication”).

We send communications Electronically

You agree that when you make use of TerraShops platform, you consent to the Electronic Communications (including all legal terms and legally-required disclosures) which we shall send to you electronically. You further agree that your agreement with us on electronic terms and disclosures has the same legal effect as an agreement signed on paper. For instance, where you have text next to a button telling you that you agree to something by a click that button, your click will have the same effect legally like when you sign an agreement paper.

How we deliver information to you

We may deliver information to you through the following ways:

- By sending them to your email address which is registered to your TerraShops Account;
- By publishing them on the TerraShops website; or
- By posting them on a website through an email notice to you.


Technical Requirements to Receive Electronic Communications

If you wish to receive Electronic Communications from us, you need to have the following:

- A computer or mobile device;
- A good internet connection;
- An internet browser that supports 128-bit encryption, with cookies enabled;
- An active email address; and
- Enough storage space on your computer or other data storage device and/or a working printer installed to print disclosures.

Withdrawing Consent for Electronic Communications

If you wish to stop receiving Electronic Communications from us at any time, you can withdraw consent by sending us a request at:

Please take note that your consent withdrawal will take effect after we have had reasonable time to process it (within 3 months). Further, we may cancel your access to our services if you withdraw consent to receive Electronic Communications.

Updating Your Contact Information

You must ensure that the contact information attached to your TerraShops Account is accurate at all times. If you don’t do this, you may not be able to receive Electronic Information from us. You agree that TerraShops is not responsible for your failure to receive Electronic Communications if you failed to keep your contact information up to date.


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