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EU Directive on Consumer Rights

EU Directive on Consumer Rights

The European Union (EU) implemented certain regulations taking effect on June 13, 2014, which may impact certain transactions on TerraShops. These regulations, which implement the EU Directive on Consumer Rights, apply to all TerraShops sellers and buyers who are resident or based in EU member countries.


Take Note that EU law often permits EU based consumers to invoke their consumer law protections even when dealing with transactions or businesses based outside of the EU. If you're resident or your business is based outside the EU, and make your listings available to buyers there, we encourage you to seek legal advice on your obligations.

Each EU member state has adopted its own new laws that incorporate this directive. Non-compliance with these regulations can invalidate a sale and may even violate the law.

Buyers resident in the EU have the right to return a product within 14 days of receiving the item. Sellers affected by the regulations must clearly disclose to the buyers residing in the EU about their right to return a product before the buyer makes a purchase – this information may be provided in the listing or the seller’s shop policies. If a seller fails to provide such information, the withdrawal period will be extended by a year (implying that buyers will have one year and fourteen (14) days in which to return the item.

Note, that this right does not extend to custom-made products and specific perishable items, unless otherwise specified by the seller.

Digital content, such as artworks and patterns, may be ineligible for return. Rules on digital content vary by EU member country.

If a buyer decides to return an item, the seller must return all payments, including the original shipping charges, received from the buyer. If the seller has not received returned goods from a buyer, the seller may withhold such payment provided the payment occurs within 14 days of receipt of the returned goods. It is the buyer’s responsibility to pay return shipping costs unless the seller has agreed to bear the costs. If a seller has not agreed to bear the return costs and the item cannot be returned by post due to its nature, an estimate of the return costs should be sent to the buyer relating to cancellation and return.


If you are uncertain about the applicable laws to you or you have further legal questions or concerns, kindly consult an attorney. You are responsible for all responsibility for any and all use of this information.

We may update this page from time to time, we therefore, encourage you to check back.

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