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Welcome to the Global Community for Sustainable & Ethically Produced Goods

Eco-Sellers of the world – you have come to the right place! 

Introducing TerraShops

TerraShops was born from the idea of uniting the largest community of earth-conscious sellers and like-minded buyers, over their heartfelt passion for eco-friendly products.

There are so many people out there, driven by the same passion, working hard and thoughtfully to produce high-quality products, that do not hurt the planet or the people involved with the creation of the products.

So why not bring them all together under one roof and to create a heaven for Eco-Friendly enthusiasts? 

Why join as a seller to TerraShops?

Benefit from TerraShops’ marketing efforts

TerraShops team leaders are putting all their efforts into making your business shine - with the help of our dedicated global eco-experts, your products will really stand out.

Grow your Sustainable Business worldwide

The TerraShops community of buyers from all over the world is growing and you get the opportunity to share your products with a broader like-minded audience. 

Become part of a global community for sustainable living

Selling on TerraShops allows you to thrive among other earth-conscious sellers from all over the world; Together offering the largest selection of sustainable products on Earth.

Benefit from online secured payments

We process payments with PayPal and Stripe, an external payments platforms that allows you to process transactions with a variety of payment methods. 

How does it work?

There is an easy process to sign in as a seller and create your own Shop within TerraShops.

You set your own shipping prices, add your payment details, customize your shop, list as many products as you like and you're good to go. 

We are in charge of promoting your business and your beautiful products to help you reach a broader like-minded audience!

Terms for Selling on TerraShops

Free registration

Registering as a seller on TerraShops is free!

No fees promotion

No commission fees apply for your sales until September 15, 2020*

Free unlimited listings

Free listings for the entire year of 2020

Commission fees

Starting from September 16, 2020, a low 5% commission fee will apply

*only the standard PayPal/Credit Card payment transaction fees apply.

Words from our Sellers


Thank you so much for the opportunity, I really think this is an incredible idea. Hope we all grow together and create a positive impact!


I'm happy that I'm with you! You are doing
a great work. I share your mission with full heart 💚


Let's collaborate together in maximizing our impact and contribute every day in keeping our planet greener ❤️


I find it really difficult and time-consuming to promote my store and the products... so thank you for this opportunity!


I could not recommend these guys enough!


Well done on the platform, and thanks for your amazing customer service. :)

I've never known a marketplace as great as yours. We feel very lucky to get to know you. hopefully we can collaborate together to maintain sustainability on this earth 🌎


We have looked at your website and love everything!

Join the TerraShops Family


Uniting people is our philosophy – different people, cultures, ideas, and beliefs brought together over the same sacred mission – taking care of our dear and only planet.

Moving from a "ME" culture,
to an "US" culture 

We are confident that active empowerment of you and your ethical business is the key to a better future – sustainable shopping is a necessity and there is a fast-growing demand for eco-products, so why don’t we provide it big time?

Based in Connecticut, USA, TerraShops operates globally. Our eco-sellers, team leaders, and collaborators are operating and having impact worldwide. 

A million voices speak louder than one

Bringing together all eco-friendly brands under one roof creates an empowering shopping experience. With every purchase a buyer makes, they feel free and confident that their choice is environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

Many businesses have recognized the great potential and are thrilled to have gotten in on the ground floor of this movement for change.

Together we have the power to inspire sustainable living worldwide – supporting each other’s businesses for great prosperity!

We're always here to help

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Support system

Our dedicated team is always here for you, every step of the way. 

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