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Privacy and Personal Information

Privacy and Personal Information

At TerraShops, the security of your privacy and personal data means a lot to us. We implore members to respect the privacy and personal information of others. Therefore, avoid publicly posting another member’s personal information without their express consent. We also urge you to use discretion when disclosing your own personal data.

Personal information examples

- Full names
- Home or other physical addresses
- Email address or other online contact information
- Telephone numbers
- Credit card numbers
- Tax identification numbers (including social security)
- The content of a private email or message to other TerraShops members or employees.

Listings containing private information

Should you have reason to believe that your private data is contained in a TerraShops listing, kindly report this at [email protected].

TerraShops Community and private data

We prohibit the posting or publishing of private or personal data in the TerraShops Community. If for example, you have reason to believe that another member is sharing your personal information without your express consent kindly report this at [email protected]

If you have reason to believe that this policy or any of our policies have been violated, please let us know right away at [email protected]

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