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Requests for Information Policy

Requests for Information Policy

At TerraShops, transparency is our watchword. Therefore, this policy informs you of our methods of response to requests for our members’ records or data.

Please note that this policy is not legal advice and neither is it a promise that we shall respond to requests for members’ information in any specific way. We reserve the right to refrain from following these methods at any time.

This policy forms a part of our Terms of Use and by using TerraShops, or requesting information on TerraShops or on our members, you agree to be bound by this policy and our Terms of Use.


TerraShops Member Records and Information

If you’re looking to request information or records from us, ensure that you have checked if such information is available publicly or contact the member directly to get the information.

Examples of TerraShops member information that is public include:

- Shop names, shop owners’ public name
- Shop Policies
- Certain records such as sales records – these can be viewed by sellers when they log into their accounts
- Members’ TerraShops Messages – they can view their own message history when logged in.
- Please see our Privacy Policy for more on the records we keep at TerraShops.


Terrashops follow due Process

We are law-abiding and as such, we require a valid process (such as a subpoena or court order) to compel us to disclose any information about our members. We may waive this condition in emergency situations or any other situation that is in line with our Terms of UsePrivacy Policy, and the applicable law.

Note that such legal processes must disclose substantial identifying information that can help us to identify the Member’s account – such information includes email address, transaction ID, username, shop name, or payment information.

Serving TerraShops with Legal Process to Request Access to Member Information

When you’re obtaining a legal process and contacting us, ensure to verify the location of the TerraShops member whose information you are seeking. If you are sending a request for information about a TerraShops member, direct it to TerraShops in the United States. You can send a legal process and request for information via email to [email protected].

Note that we receive legal process by these means is for convenience sake only. We do not waive any objections – this includes lack of jurisdiction, subpoena power, or improper service.

We may require that non-US legal processes be domesticated under a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT), letters rogatory, or section 1782 of the US code.


Emergency Circumstances

In the event that you have a request for information due to an emergency situation involving serious physical injury or danger of death to, ensure to contact law enforcement in your locality.

If you’re requesting for information in relation to such an emergency as a law enforcement officer, kindly send an email [email protected] from your official email address and provide the following details:

- Your name and your title,
- The government agency you work for, and
- Your full contact details – includes government email address, and phone number);
- A summary of the facts surrounding the emergency situation – including how the situation is dangerous enough to cause danger of death or serious physical injury.
- Identity of the Person(s) in danger
- The particular information sought, and how they are connected to the emergency.
- Explain why you cannot obtain a legal process, and why we must disclose the retails without delay.


Notice to the Member Whose Records Are Sought

Whenever we receive any legal processes seeking any information about any of our members, we may send a notice and a copy of that legal process to that Member. We may allow such member ample time to appear and object to the legal process in court (where necessary).


Requests for Witness Testimony

We do not provide expert witnesses for deposition or trials. We use a standard records custodian declaration of authenticity when compiling records. Since the records are self-authenticating, it is not necessary to have a live testimony by the records custodian.

Cost Reimbursement

We may seek reimbursement whenever we have to compile records or information for costs directly incurred.

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