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Sustainable Driven Community Policy

Sustainable Driven Community Policy

At TerraShops, one of our major objectives is to promote a Sustainable Driven Community. Members (Sellers, Buyers, Eco Experts) are encouraged to share ideas and knowledge, build relationships and also be an inspiration to each other through our Sustainable Driven Community.

TerraShops Sustainable Driven Community includes the Teams, Sellers, Buyers, Eco Experts, Bloggers and Influencers.

This policy together with all other policies on our website form a part of our Terms of Use. You agree to this policy and our Terms of Use when you make use of any of TerraShops Sustainable Driven Community spaces.


Using TerraShops Sustainable Driven Community

The TerraShops Sustainable Driven Community is a public platform where TerraShops members can connect to other members. To make use of this feature, you must be 18 years or older. You agree that you shall respect and comply with the following guidelines in all Sustainable Driven Community Spaces to ensure TerraShops and TerraShare remains safe and for everyone:

- Ensure that you respect the privacy of other members. Avoid sharing any private or personally identifying information in public spaces on the TerraShops website.

- Do not use a fake account. Ensure that you are honest and transparent about yourself.

- Show respect towards other fellow members. Avoid publicly disparaging anyone on TerraShops or TerraShare.

- Do not interfere with other members’ business when using the Sustainable Driven Community spaces.

- Avoid spamming (examples of spamming includes unsolicited and duplicate posts, messages or links to shops, fundraisers, social media, or other promotional content.

- Don't discuss coordinating prices with other sellers in Sustainable Driven Community spaces.

- Don't harass other members of TerraShops and TerraShare on Sustainable Driven Community spaces. Also, avoid posting content that promotes or glorifies hatred, violence or illegal activities.

- Avoid engaging in any form of illegal activity – including activities that infringe on the intellectual property of other people. Further, do not support or encourage others to engage in such illegal activities.

- Avoid violating or encouraging any one to violate any of TerraShops policies using our Sustainable Driven Community spaces.

We reserve the right to take appropriate action concerning any violation of this policy against any erring account or post. Some of these actions include taking down your post, suspending your access to our Sustainable Driven Community spaces or permanently closing your  account.

Please read on to discover other important policies that guide your use of TerraShops and TerraShare website/platform, you're bound by TerraShops Terms of Use.

Public Spaces

To ensure that you easily connect with other TerraShops sellers or TerraShare members, we have provided public spaces, where you can discuss your business. You agree that by using TerraShops and TerraShare Platform, you shall respect and obey the following:

- You shall only make posts that are related to the topic – we may remove posts that are off- topic.

- You will not remove your posts unless we take them down for policy violation.

- You will make useful and constructive posts when making criticisms. Avoid insulting, calling out or trolling other TerraShops and TerraShare members.

- We reserve the right to take down any content that is in violation of TerraShops policies.

Direct Messages

The Sustainable Driven Community's messaging system provides an avenue for members to contact each other. These messages are different from TerraShops Messages as you can access and read them when you are within the Sustainable Driven Community spaces.

Lastly, you are not permitted to send the following types of messages:

- Messages that are abusive, threatening, derogatory, libelous, defamatory, harassing, or that violate the TerraShops Anti-Discrimination Policy.

- Messages that contain obscene or vulgar language.

- Unsolicited advertising or promotional messages.


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