Set of 2 Round Teak Wood Handmade Tablespoons

Jezzroom Atelier

Extra Information

MATERIAL teak wood, coconut oil, linen
WHO MADE IT? I sourced it
Product Description

/Let's plant forests together! By purchasing this item you gift one tree to the world!/

The set consists of two round teak wood tablespoons.

These round tablespoons are handy and elegant kitchenware items and you will definitely fall in love with them you favour handmade and sustainably crafted objects. You can use these spoon as tasting spoons, as spoons for marmalade in deep jars, to measure coffee for the machine, or sugar and flour for baking. Their volume is very similar to the regular metal tablespoon but we recommend checking it first if you want to be really precise about the quantity. 

These items were hand-crafted by skillful artisans in the heart of the Java island. In buying this set, you support the fair practice of the Southeast Asian craftsmanship.

The handle and the bowl of these spoons are strong and finely elaborated. The surface of the spoons is smooth, pleasant to touch and polished at Jezzroom Atelier with coconut oil for extra shine. In comparison to bamboo kitchenware, this set may be in use for years. 

Teak is a tropical hardwood tree species. Local people highly appreciate this wood for its outstanding hardness, resistance to water and pests, and durability. The golden-brown tone of the spoon is a sign of the core of the tree, its most valuable part.  

CARE: handwash and wipe afterward

APPROXIMATE DIMENSIONS: 7.9” x 1.8” (or 20 x 4.5 cm)

PLEASE NOTE: the spoons on the pictures are given for illustrative purposes. The items, which you will receive, may have a different grain or a different tone due to the nature of the wood. The size also varies several millimeters from item to item as this product is handmade.   

This product is 100% environmentally friendly. No chemicals were involved in the production process, and the wood for the spoons is sourced from a sustainable plantation. Additionally, in buying this set, you gift a beautiful young tree to the world! Every time you purchase a product at Jezzroom Atelier, we donate a certain amount to a tree-planting charity. 

If you would like to give this set as a present to someone, you may wish to add a linen bag to the spoons. Jezzroom Atelier from the Oeko-certified linen crafts this minimal and elegant package.